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The IDAB OEM board is designed to implement RF signal acquisition in rough industrial environments. The board offers complex DSP capabilities due to the Altera Cyclone IV FPGA equipped. A quad-channel high speed ADC from Linear Technologies is connected to the FPGA. The board offers a serial and 5V power out connection to control an optional RF frontend or amplifiers accordingly. A Gigabit connections allows real-time signal streaming. The Freescale Kinetis MK60 microcontroller can for example be used for SD-card mass-storage access and controller purposes. The board comes with a set of HDL and C code based example designs to access all peripherals for a quick start up.

System Specifications

  • FPGA: Altera Cyclone IV EP4CE15, EP4CE30, EP4CE40, EP4CE55, EP4CE75, EP4CE115
  • JTAG: connection of USB blaster cable for debugging and programming
  • EEPROM: storage of FPGA image
  • Ethernet: Gigabit Ethernet connected with FPGA, 100/10Mbps Ethernet connected to uC
  • Analog input: SMB50Ohm, other connectors available, anti-aliasing filter of 37MHz 3dB cut-off freq.
  • ADC: LTM9012 Quad-Channel, 14Bit, up to 150Msps, SNR68.3dB, SFDR78dB
  • GPIO: I/Opins
  • Microcontroller: Freescale Kinetis MK60FN1M0VMD15
  • RS-232: port connected to uC for terminal access, pin header only
  • RTC: real time clock optional with battery backup
  • Serial: connection to FPGA
  • SD-Card: SD Card holder, access via uC
  • USB: USB 2.0 interface