Communication System Monitoring

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The IRSS 1200 instrument performs spectrum measurements and I/Q signal analysis of RF signals. IRSS 1200 measurement results are accessible over the Gbit Ethernet interface. The instrument shall be used within the INRADIOS Communication System Monitoring (CSM) infrastructure. Based on an efficient, proven client-server principle, the INRADIOS CSM architecture allows for evolving signal monitoring towards multiple access, shared devices (instruments), and remote services.

  • RF Parameters
  • IF input frequency 925 – 2050 MHz
  • Input impedance 75 Ohm
  • Receiver sensitivity -63 dBm for full scale signal
  • Maximum input (operating) 0 dBm
  • Maximum input (no damage) +10 dBm
  • [Optional] 10 MHz Reference Input
    This SMA connector 50 Ohm can be used to provide a 10 MHz reference clock. The reference clock will be used to stabilize the internal Oscillators accordingly.
  • Ethernet Connector
    Use this connector for plugging in an Ethernet cable. If the Ethernet cable
    is not plugged in, no remote connection to the device will be established.
  • RF Input
    This BNC connector (75 Ohm) is used as input for the desired signal.
  • On/Off Button
    This button shall be used to switch the device on and off. The ring LED
    light is blinking during the boot process. Finally, the ring LED light is on
    indicating that the device is ready for us
  • Power Plug
    The DC power supply shall be connected here.