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CSM Server

The INRADIOS CSM Server is the central software component which manages the multiuser access to multiple spectrum analyzer devices. CSM Servers provides network device drivers for various remote spectrum analyzers. Measurement results are captured by CSM Server, processed and forwarded to the CSM Desktop instances.

CSM Server centrally controls multi-user access to single spectrum analyzer devices and manages data access over band-limited or high latency internet connections such as satellite connections. CSM allows remote administration and manages more than a dozent parallel measurement sessions on a standard PC hardware.

System Requirements

  • PC + Microsoft Windows operating system (Windows 7 or newer)
  • Microsoft .Net framework Version 4.5
    500 MB free disk space
  • min. 1 GB RAM, 2 GB RAM recommended
  • LAN/WLAN connection
  • USB port optional

Measurement Functions

  • Signal identification of SATCOM signals and terrestrial RF communication standards (DVB-S1, DVB-S2, SATCOM TPC, DECT, GSM, TETRA, WLAN a/b/g, more are coming soon.)
  • Spectrum analyzer
  • I/Q signal acquisition
  • Simultaneous power measurements of multiple parallel RF channels
  • Signal capturing over defined time periods and measurement intervals
  • Signal storage and replay functions
  • And many more, please contact sales for further details