• Communication System Monitoring

    • Remote signal analysis and spectrum monitoring software
    • Signal identification and autonomous sensing
    • Multi-user & multi-device capabilities
    • Distributed client-server architecture for enterprise solutions
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    Communication System Monitoring
  • Satellite Link Planner

    • SATCOM analysis and optimization tool
    • Link planning and optimization
    • Earth station and transponder management function
    • RF modeling and complex scenario optimization
    Satellite Link Planner
  •   IDAP-125

    • Industry grade HF signal acquisition board
    • 4 independent high speed ADC channels
    • Altera Cyclone IV device for complex DSP operations
    • Freescale Kinetis MK60 microcontroller available
    • Gigabit Ethernet connectivity
    OEM Board
  • FPGA IP HDL Design Service

    • Verilog and VHDL based IP cores
    • Various DSP and FEC algorithms
    • Proprietary PHY design
    • SATCOM applications
    • CDMA and OFDM HDL implementations
    FPGA IP HDL Design Service
INRADIOS - Your satellite network can do more


INRADIOS, a Rohde & Schwarz company, is your partner for satellite ground station hardware and software equipment. Our M3 multicarrier satellite modem offers a rich set of new modem functions to significantly improve satellite system capacity. The novel INRADIOS CSM system allows to autonomously scan and monitor satellite transponders. Spectrum sensing and carrier identification becomes simple when using INRADIOS CSM. Satellite link planning and transponder usage optimization can be done with the INRADIOS Satellite Link Planner software tool.

INRADIOS, hardware and software design for modern satellite communications.

INRADIOS products


INRADIOS Satellite Link Planner (SLP) is a SATCOM analysis and optimization tool, covering all aspects of modern satellite com -munications. SLP perfectly supports major parts of the SATCOM value chain such as satellite system design, transmission planning and transponder usage optimization. more information